Market Served
House Plastic products covered a wide range in different field and different users. Some of them distributed through scale stores, home distributors, hardware distributors, industrial dealers, or goes directly to plants where to access end users or consumers.

To give an idea about it, we are able to categorize as following:
• Garden & agriculture = Garden hose, soaker hose, grass brick
• Family= PVC hose, shower hose
• Camping= Grass brick
• Pneumatic air tools, air compressor= Polyurethane, EVA air hose, tubing, recoil hose & Nylon tubing, air hose and recoil hose.
• Pipe industries= RPVC pipe, FPVC liners, pipe seals, ABS profile
• Fishing= Small PP or HDPE tubing, transport tube
• Food Industries= FPVC clear & accurate or Polyurethane tubing
• General industries = TPR, TPV tubing
• Wire & Cable industries\Pipe, shrinkable tube, sleeves
• Automotive industries = Rigid stripes