Quality & Technology
Injection molding and extrusion are two of the basic manufacturing process for plastic materials .Besides injection
molding and extrusion,blow molding is another manufacturing process.People touch with plastic products every day
from poly shopping bag, packing bag or film,milk bottle, mineral water bottle, which are made from blowing or blow

Therefore, no matter soft flexible, rigid or semi-rigid plastic products of plastic, we are familiar with in our daily life.

House Plastic specialized both extrusion and injection molding.In case of injection molding and extrusion,most the
manufacturing process now are fully automatic designed.The tooling technology in Taiwan excels those our Asia
competitors such as HK, Korea,Singapore,China or India.Let alone,the hydraulic plastic processing machineries such
as full automatic injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. Our Engineering Div. with long experience working in plastic industries, are able to develop
or comply what customer needed and expected.  

House Plastic is working for custom molded or extruded products Besides our regular production which tolerance of the size dimensions always the issue.In case of injection molding, so called closed mold production,size dimensions are usually controlled through the precision of the tooling and the good control of the shrinkage of the material.

The extrusion process is different from that of injection molding, the product are going through the tooling die before they are cured. Therefore, the control of size dimensions for extrusion needs more energy and technology.

Our Tolerance List was available upon request.However, in the field of production site it is usually not able control everyaspects.There are critical dimensions,and/or secondary or non-critical dimensions.In case of a spare parts,usually it is that the dimensions where to fit other parts will be the critical specifications.In order to avoid excessive investment in the tooling,customers are requested to let us know the critical specifications when toolings are cut according to drawing and bring into production.

Quality Assurance to make sure the consistency of products is the basic requirement for the manufacturing process.Eyes keep on Quality inside the plant and quality outside the plant are equally important.

Material and incoming inspection are important to protect the inferior incoming material spoils the quality.Reclaimed materials when used for either extrusion or injection molding an incoming check was important.

During the process of the production,the quality controlling for thermo-plastic material is more important than other inorganic materials as it is more sensitive to climate,room temperature,humidity to the environment ,or the process.

In case of extrusion,Production Processing QC is important to control the size pecifications. Therefore,keep inspection under certain time interval during processing is requested.Measuring gauges are usually not practical in using during roduction.Sometimes, special assistant device s are made specially for special purpose.For example, to control the width of the product a special channel fixed for checking.

Take care of each process will guarantee a good part or product coming out and passing to the hand of customers.