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Watering hose
Soaker hose as its name may reveal that it uses in a garden, lawn or farm to carry water to the hose with water seep through thousand of pores of the hose wall in order for watering the plant. It was made from 65% recycled rubber. Nothing is new in the material, but it was an innovation to substitute sprinkling garden hose. Besides, agricultural farm was its wide market.
Size. Length/Ft(M) Stock No. Size. Length/Ft(M) Stock No.
1/4” 25(7.5M) 250SK025 1/2” 25(10M) 500SK025
1/4” 50(15M) 250SK050 1/2” 50(15M) 500SK050
1/4” 75(22M) 250SK075 1/2” 75(20M) 500SK075
1/4” 100(30M) 250SK100 1/2” 100(30M) 500SK100
3/8” 25(10M) 375SK025 5/8 25(10M) 625SK025
3/8” 50(15M) 375SK050 5/8 50(15M) 625SK050
3/8” 75(22M) 375SK075 5/8 75(20M) 625SK075
3/8” 100(30M) 375SK100 5/8 100(30M) 625SK100