What is Rotating Footfree Mop® ?
This Rotating Footfree Mop® as we named it has been ergonomically designed to give the user comfort and control while doing household chores by cleaning the floor, with a revolutionary 360 degree rotating mop head which is ideal not only to reach into and clean areas hard to reach with conventional mops and quite easy to squeeze the water out to dry the cloth wheel no need for a foot step and hand .

In case, you had one of the such mop by drying the water by foot stepping.? You will be aware of how magically or portable of our Rotating Footfree Mop® .

Once you tried using this Rotating Footfree Mop®, you will possibly find the job of cleaning the floor now is not a toilsome job to be afraid of or dislike it as before.

The merits of our Rotating Footfree Mop ®

1. No need to dry the mop by foot step.
2. When you press down the wet mop in the wringer vat (with white buckle down), the
    cloth wheel will be easily rotated by squeezing out the water from cloth..
3. Easily and quickly to dry the mop.
4. It is easy to replace the cloth wheel.
5. The handle is made of aluminum and was quite light in weight.

How to assembly the Rotating Footfree Mop® set
This Rotating Footfree Mop® is quite easy to set up. Please look at the pictures.
1. The handle in 2 pieces which is easy to assembly and is adjustable to ideally fit the preferred length of the user to avoid back strain. This Rotating Footfree Mop® can be used in either wet or dry application , and the mop head can be easily replaced when worn out or dirty.
Just screw up to joint the 2 pieces together tight and then turn on the buckle to adjust the length you like. Turn the buckle downwardly for adjusting and upwardly to fix the length.
2. Put the cloth wheel in the floor, and make sure no cloth strips jump over the plastic flange. Then press the head of the plastic disc upon the cloth wheel head .
3. Step with foot vertically down. When you hear a sound like clicking the mouse, it means that the jointing is well done.
4. Then the putting on or the replacing a new cloth wheel is done.
How to Replace the Cloth Wheel
This Rotating Footfree Mop® is quite easy to replace the cloth wheel. The additional cloth wheel could be bought in the store. Please look at the pictures for How to replace it if the old one was worn out.
1. Step your feet on the cloth wheel as close to the plastic disc as possible..
2. Turn around the handle and let the screw head side facing your foot. And then pull the handle obliquely up. The disc will be able to separate from the cloth wheel.
3. In case, the screw head side is not faced to your feet, the separating will be sometime failed.
4. 5. 6. Steps of 4, 5 and 6 are same as the steps for setting up a now cloth wheel do. Please see above steps of 2,3 and 4 of How to assembly the Rotating Footfree Mop® set.

How to dry the Rotating Footfree Mop ®
1. When to clean the dirty cloth wheel after finishing the job, just put vertically the wheel into the water tub and move it slightly.
2. After cleaning just put the cloth wheel slightly on the wringer vat. Be careful not to press heavily.
3. Turn the buckle downwardly in order to loose.
4. Keep the handle vertically to the wringing vat and press slightly up and down. After starting, accelerate to press it 3 to 6 times to finish the drying.
5. After the stopping of the wringing vat, turn the buckle up to suitable height and tight it. Then the cleaning and the drying of the Rotating Footfree Mop® was completed.
6. The handle could be lowered horizontally to the floor in order to clean the places under the sofa , the cabinet or the bed. It has to be sure that handle was lowered with 90 degree of angle to the screw pin or in other words, the handle knelt down with the screw pin as the top axis across its two ears of the handle head.