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Plastic Extrusion

Plastic or thermoplastic covers wider range than the rubber from the material points of view although they belongs to the polymeric chemistry family. Custom extrusion inhabited more challenge for a factory who are not familiar with materials, tooling technology, compounding, processing capability and also the quality assurance system as so many variables must be faced to meet different customer with different requirements or even same customer presented different requirements for different project.

As a manufacturer in Taiwan we are now found that it is a must to work by making using our advantages which we excel over our neighbor Asia competitors in order to win. Custom extrusion team was organizes and trained.

• Custom PVC Clear & accurate tube extrusion with
   dimensions from 0.10” to 1.0”
• Custom plastic tube and pipe with in line fabricate to    drill, punch and assembled as need.
• Small size HDPE or PP tube extrusion cut to length.
• Acrylic transparent bars ABS profile extrusion
• Recycled PVC pipe liners
• Fishing Nylon transport tube