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Garden Path

Garden Path is invented from the same idea to roll a path in the garden at the same time protecting the grass and the garden bed in case of a wheel barrow is using to transport materials inside the garden or garden to step over it. It was made from plastic also and was light. It can be moved when it is not necessary.

It was made by molding piece by piece with inter-space in between and connected each other by the string or rope or interlocking treads and connectors which after clipping together produces in minutes a patio, pathway or platform. It looks like a roller conveyor which usually used in the warehouse to carry the commodity.

It also dubbed as roll-a-path in the market selling in a 300mm wide of 3 Meters long ( 1x10 feet).

It was also used by the caravan group for camping to put on the ground in order to keep from the wet to make their bed over it.

Color: Lawngreen, Firbrick, Black
Dimension:L51cm x W22cm x H2.6cm