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PU Air Recoil Hose
• Lightweight, easy to use and retains recoiling strength
• Snag, kink and abrasion resistant
• Air tools and water delivery
• Made in Taiwan
Stock No. Hose Size IDxOD Work Pressure Burst Pressure Coil-m m Fitting (PT/NPT) Hose Length
50UAT80/SET 5.0X8.0mm 7bar 28bar 35 1/4 4,5,6,10,12,15M
65UAT100/SET 6.5x10.0mm 7bar 28bar 50 1/4 4,5,6,10,12,15M
80UAT120/SET 8.0x12.0mm 7bar 28bar 60 1/4,3/8 4,5,6,10,12,15M
188UAT312/SET 3/16x5/16 120psi 480psi 35 1/4 15,20,25,30ft
250UAT375/SET 1/4x3/8 120psi 480psi 50 1/4 15,20,25,30ft
312UAT472/SET 5/16x0.472 120psi 480psi 60 1/4,3/8 15,20,25,30ft
375UAT512/SET 3/8x0.512 120psi 480psi 60 1/4,3/8 15,20,25,30ft