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PU Air Tube
• Snag, kink and abrasion resistant
• Air tools and water delivery
• Made in Taiwan
Stock No. Tube Size IDxOD Work Pressure Burst Pressure Tube Length
20UAT40 2.0x4.0mm 6bar 24bar 100,200M
25UAT45 2.5x4.5mm 6bar 24bar 100,200M
30UAT50 3.0x5.0mm 6bar 24bar 100,200M
40UAT60 4.0x6.0mm 6bar 24bar 100,200M
50UAT80 5.0x8.0mm 7bar 28bar 100,200M
55UAT85 5.5x8.5mm 7bar 28bar 100M
60UAT80 6.0x8.0mm 6bar 24bar 100M
65UAT100 6.5x10.0mm 7bar 28bar 100M
80UAT120 8.0x12.0mm 7bar 28bar 100M
120UAT160 12.0x16.0mm 7bar 28bar 50M
188UAT312 3/16x5/16 120psi 480psi 500,1000ft
250UAT375 1/4x3/8 120psi 480psi 500ft
375UAT500 3/8x1/2 100psi 400psi 300ft