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Garden Hose
House Plastic is professional garden hose manufacturer. Our products including water
Re-coil hose, nylon reinforced PVC hose, watering hose, soaker garden ........
Industrial Hose
House Plastic is professional plastic hose manufacturer. Our products including Garden hose, Industrial hose, Ro tube, custom-made extrusion and plastic injection etc.. We take advantage of equipments and R & D, .........
RO tube
(1) Material: LLDPE (low density).(2) For RO system use.
(3) These tubings are made of quality material.
(4) UV resistance, thought the SGS test. (5) Made in Taiwan.........
Plastic extrusion
Plastic or thermoplastic covers wider range than the rubber from the material points of view although they belongs to the polymeric chemistry family. Custom extrusion inhabited more challenge for a factory who are not familiar ..........
Garden Path & Grass Brick

House Plastic is a plastic family. We also get involved in the injection molding
manufacturing. Grass brick, garden path and roller path are the three products we make
for the garden or caravan camping purpose...........