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Nylon-reinforced PVC Hose
• Reinforced with high tensile polyester yarn
• High working pressure, flexible and durable
• Fits to any type of faucets/taps
• Made in Taiwan
Stock No. Hose Size IDxOD Work Pressure Burst Pressure Fitting (PT/NPT) Hose Length
60NVC80 6.0X8.0mm 20bar 80bar 1/4NPT 25,50,100M
90NVC120 9.0x12.0mm 20bar 80bar 1/4NPT 25,50,100M
120NVC160 12.0x16.0mm 14bar 56bar 3/8NPT 25,50,100M
150NVC200 15.0x20.0mm 14bar 56bar 3/8NPT 25,50,100M